What area is considered Mid-Atlantic?

For us New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Washington D.C., North Carolina Virginia and West Virginia are considered Mid-Atlantic. However, location is relevant. If there is talent out there we would like to know about it no matter what state.

Why is it free for coaches and a small fee for someone to submit their own information?

Coaches understand the game, their player and what scouts look for. Meaning they will only submit information if they truly believe they see something special. It is our recommendation that you discuss it with your coach.

The small fee helps us in 2 ways:

  1. It helps cover the cost of the website and database
  2. It keeps people away from sending multiple false data profiles to boost their player

Will my information be seen by scouts?

The odds of playing college ball is about 4%. So the odds of going professional is even less. All entries get looked at, but then they’re sorted based on scout’s criteria. If someone looks promising we will verify the information first and once verified then we move on to the scouting process. Remember we are looking for the best of the best.

Should I send in false data to help be scouted?

Here is the catch 22. If you put in data for a sophomore saying he’s throwing 88 mph. We call the coach and the coach says he’s throwing 82 mph. Then you lost respect from the scouts and probably hurt your players chances down the road. What is they got up to 88 mph Junior year and then 94 mph Senior year, but now the scouts can’t trust you if you already lied to them. Remember they are professionals and the truth always comes out.

Is this for MLB or College?

Our process is to scout the best talent. We use our database and analytic process to place players where appropriate if we feel they are a prospect.

What is the minimum age?

Colleges are looking at players as young as 8th grade. We have seen some good 8th graders. No earlier than 8th grade is recommended if they are well above the competition but projecting out is hard for that age. So, we would recommend you update the player’s information annually.

How fast should I be throwing to be considered?

We don’t give out numbers on what we are looking for, because sometimes there are other things that make a player great. We just want to find the top talent.